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Nunzio Maiorana '58 Art Center - Coming Soon!

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DeSales Catholic School is deeply proud to announce plans to renovate an area on their campus to create the Nunzio Maiorana Art Center.   Nunzio was a beloved alumnus who graduated from DeSales Catholic High School in 1958.  He was a highly respected leader in both education and athletics throughout Niagara and Orleans Counties. Construction is expected to begin in late June 2020.


Dear Friends and Family,

We are asking you, today, to donate to the Nunzio T. Maiorana Art Center. Your contribution will help to provide a foundation in the arts, contribute to the community, and preserve his legacy. Please take time to donate and invest in the future as our father, Nunzio, took time to invest in you.

The positive response to the announcement of the construction of the Nunzio T. Maiorana Art Center at his beloved alma mater, DeSales Catholic High School, has been overwhelming. Just like dad, everyone seems to have at least one story about how he influenced, molded, and impacted them. The tales of, “I would have never graduated if it hadn’t been for him” or, “When I needed a few dollars just to make to my next paycheck, he helped me out” lay tribute to his heart and character.

Without realizing it, dad was paying it forward. He invested in people. He loved life. He cherished relationships. Being a good person was very important to him and he wanted others to be kind and embrace the joy of life.

Donations can be made in the following ways:

  1. Online
  2. Calling (716) 433-6422 ext. 407
  3. Mailing a check to DeSales Catholic School, 6914 Chestnut Ridge Road, Lockport, NY 14094. In the memo section of the check, please write Nunzio Maiorana or include a quick note that the gift is made in Nunzio’s memory.


David Maiorana & Ann-Marie Towell-Maiorana

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