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DeSales Faculty Directory

Mrs. Michaela Anstey photo

Mrs. Michaela Anstey

School Counselor

Ms. Kellie Ayers photo

Ms. Kellie Ayers

Math 6/AIS

Ms. Rebecca Blackley photo

Ms. Rebecca Blackley


Mrs. Bethany Bregy photo

Mrs. Bethany Bregy

Grade 2

Mrs. Candy Chase photo

Mrs. Candy Chase


[email protected]
Ext. 446 / 413
Mrs. Linda Crofts photo

Mrs. Linda Crofts

Grade 3

Ms. Brianna Daniels photo

Ms. Brianna Daniels

Preschool Aide

Mrs. Jackie Davis photo

Mrs. Jackie Davis


Mrs. Julia Forsyth-Dier photo

Mrs. Julia Forsyth-Dier

Preschool Aide

Danielle Dietrick  photo

Danielle Dietrick

School Counselor

Mrs. Elizabeth Dingman photo

Mrs. Elizabeth Dingman

Grade 5

Mrs. Jolynda Elsenheimer photo

Mrs. Jolynda Elsenheimer

Grade 1

Mrs. Cathleen Fraass photo

Mrs. Cathleen Fraass

Math 6, 7, & 8

Mrs. Luciana Gaskill photo

Mrs. Luciana Gaskill

Preschool Aide

Mr. Joe Granchelli photo

Mr. Joe Granchelli

Grade 4

Mrs. Lisa Hesch photo

Mrs. Lisa Hesch

Title 1 Reading

Mrs. Connie Hornquist photo

Mrs. Connie Hornquist

Physical Education

Mr. Antonio Ingenito photo

Mr. Antonio Ingenito

Social Studies

Mrs. Ann Kraatz photo

Mrs. Ann Kraatz


Mrs. Jena Kroening photo

Mrs. Jena Kroening

E.L.A. Gr 6-8

Mrs. Heidi Marciniak photo

Mrs. Heidi Marciniak


Mrs. Sarah Mazurek photo

Mrs. Sarah Mazurek

Grade 5

Mrs. Kristen McCabe photo

Mrs. Kristen McCabe


Mr. William Minderler photo

Mr. William Minderler

Grade 3

Mrs. Miranda Pagan

Instrumental Music Lesson Instructor

Mrs. Sandra Palumbo photo

Mrs. Sandra Palumbo

Science 6, 7 & 8

Ms. Sarah Patrick  photo

Ms. Sarah Patrick

Preschool Aide

Ms. Lillian Pedraza photo

Ms. Lillian Pedraza


Mrs. Staci Pike photo

Mrs. Staci Pike


Mrs. Karen Rahill photo

Mrs. Karen Rahill


Mrs. Michelle Robinson photo

Mrs. Michelle Robinson

Grade 2

Mr. Paul Schuster photo

Mr. Paul Schuster

Religion Gr 6-8

Ms. Jessica Scirto photo

Ms. Jessica Scirto


Ms. Jennifer Sullivan photo

Ms. Jennifer Sullivan

Special Education

Mrs. Jill Voss photo

Mrs. Jill Voss

Grade 4

Ms. Tanya Walk photo

Ms. Tanya Walk

Grade 1

DeSales Administration & Staff

Mrs. Jennifer Cottrell photo

Mrs. Jennifer Cottrell

Administrative Asst. / E-School Coordinator

Mrs. Melissa Dobbins photo

Mrs. Melissa Dobbins

Textbooks, Purchasing

Mrs. Jennifer Farmer photo

Mrs. Jennifer Farmer

Advancement Asst.

Mrs. Pam Firkins photo

Mrs. Pam Firkins

Business Manager

Mrs. Regina Granchelli photo

Mrs. Regina Granchelli

Asst. Principal

Mr. Brian Harrer  photo

Mr. Brian Harrer

School Security Officer

Mr. Joey Kearns photo

Mr. Joey Kearns

Maintenance Supervisor

Mrs. Kim Knuutila photo

Mrs. Kim Knuutila

Marketing & Admissions

Ms. Renee Nye photo

Ms. Renee Nye

School Nurse

Mrs. Karen Rahill photo

Mrs. Karen Rahill


Mrs. Diane Surdel photo

Mrs. Diane Surdel

School Secretary

Mr. Brett Thompson  photo

Mr. Brett Thompson

School Security Officer

DeSales Catholic School LogoDeSales is a regional Catholic elementary school, located in the Town of Lockport NY, within the Diocese of Buffalo. The school is a designated STREAM school, a center of excellence that inspires individual students to reach their greatest potential, both inside and outside the classroom, while providing students with the fundamental building blocks to be innovative, critical-thinkers, and responsible future leaders.