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2022 - 2023 Tuition and Fees

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Kindergarten - 8th Grade Tuition

Number of Students 
Attending from One Family
2022-2023 Tuition* Tuition for Families Granted
Catholic Parish Assistance
1 $6,000 ($500 monthly) $ 4,680 ($390 monthly)
2 $11,220 ($935 monthly) $ 8,340  ($695 monthly)
3 $16,140 ($1,345 monthly) $ 11,580 ($965 monthly)
4 $21,360 ($1,780 monthly) $ 13,800 ($1,150 monthly)


Preschool Tuition

Program  Annual  Monthly*
3-year old class (Monday / Tuesday mornings) $2,400 $200
4-year old class (Wednesday / Thursday/ Friday mornings) $3,300 $275
4- year old full day class (5 full days/week; 8:30am - 2:30pm)  $6,120 $510
3 & 4-year old blended full day class (5 full days/week; 8:30am - 2:30pm)  $6,120 $510

*Monthly rate is based on 12 payments per year, July - June

Registration Fees:

Registration fee: $100 per student per year, non-refundable.  

Application fee: $100 per family; first-time registrants only, non-refundable. 

All class sizes are limited.   Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Financial Aid at DeSales

The goal of our financial aid program is to close the gap between the total cost of a DeSales education and what a family can afford. We encourage families with concerns about affording a DeSales tuition to call us to discuss the options available. More information on Financial Aid at DeSales can be found here. 

¨ Catholic Parish Rate - Provided to registered and active Catholic parishioners - this stipend is not based on financial need.

¨ The Bison Children's Scholarship Fund -   Privately funded tuition assistance program for low-income elementary school children to attend a private elementary school of choice.

¨ DeSales Financial Aid – Need-based financial aid for families of all faiths.

DeSales Catholic School LogoDeSales is a regional Catholic elementary school, located in the Town of Lockport NY, within the Diocese of Buffalo. The school is a designated STREAM school, a center of excellence that inspires individual students to reach their greatest potential, both inside and outside the classroom, while providing students with the fundamental building blocks to be innovative, critical-thinkers, and responsible future leaders.