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The Administration at DeSales Catholic School believes that a student’s attitude toward his/her learning is often reflected in personal appearance. All students in grades Kindergarten through 8 are required to wear a uniform that has been adopted by the school’s Board of Trustees.

The Dress uniform for boys is navy pants and a blue or white dress shirt or a DeSales polo shirt. Belts are required for all boys, and neckties are required for boys in grades 5-8.  Girls wear a traditional plaid jumper (grades K-4) or skirt (grades 5-8), or navy blue pants, and a blouse or a DeSales polo shirt.  On Gym days, students wear a navy blue DeSales logo T-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts or sweatpants to school.   A summer uniform (navy walking shorts and a DeSales polo shirt) is optional for all students during warm weather months. The Student/Parent Handbook contains a complete outline of the DeSales uniform policy.  A printed copy of the uniform policy is also available by request from the Main office at (716)433-6422.

A co-operative Uniform Exchange is organized by the DeSales Home School Association.  Gently-used Dress, Summer and Gym uniforms are offered at the Exchange, as they become available. This is a free service.

Additionally, parents can purchase uniform pieces from Flynn and O’Hara, our official Dress and Summer uniform provider.  Some items, like navy pants and white blouses, can also be  purchased in the school uniform sections found at many major discount and department stores.  

Gym uniform pieces can be ordered anytime duting the school year by using the online oreder form through this link.

Please contact our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Regina Granchelli at (716) 433-6422 x403 if you have any questions about school uniforms.

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