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Giving Opportunities

There are many ways to support the mission of DeSales Catholic School with your charitable gift. Unrestricted contributions and restricted donations for a specific area of interest can be made through the Annual Fund Campaign, Bequests, Memorial gifts, Matching gifts, In-kind gifts and special fundraising events.  For further information on any of these methods of support, contact Kim Knuutila, Director of Marketing and Admissions at (716) 433-6422 x407.

Gifts to the Annual Fund Campaign constitute the most important source of donated funds available to DeSales, as we work to supplement the school's operating budget each year. The unrestricted nature of annual giving provides the administration with flexibility to meet the areas of highest institutional need.  

Charitable bequests are the most popular and easiest way to make a planned gift to any charitable organization. Simply stated, a bequest is a transfer-via a will or a living trust-of cash, securities, or tangible property to an individual or a charity. Bequests can be made for a specific amount, for a percentage of your estate, or even for all or a portion of what is left after you have made specific bequests to your family and others. Careful planning is essential, and we would be happy to talk over all the possibilities with you and your advisors.

Memorial gifts will stand as a tribute to a loved one, and at the same time advance our school's mission in a meaningful way.   How you decide to honor this special person is up to you.   Possibilities include immediate gifts of cash or stocks, bequests from wills or living trusts, and gifts from which you or family members keep lifetime benefits.

Matching gifts If you or your spouse are employees (or retirees) of a company that matches charitable donations, you can multiply the impact of your gift to DeSales.  For further information, contact the DeSales Advancement office or your Human Resources Department.

In-kind gifts: businesses and individuals can donate equipment, inventory, materials and services. Not only does your gift support Catholic education, but you may receive tax benefits as well.

Fundraising events: each year DeSales Catholic School sponsors activities and special events to raise funds for a variety of needs. They include:

  • August: Annual golf tournament provides a Christmas bonus for our teachers and staff.
  • October: Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame dinner benefits the Tuition Assistance program.
  • November: Cash raffle supports the work of the DeSales Home School Association.
  • January: Easter candy sale proceeds benefit the Home School Association.
  • February: Ads in the playbill for our student musical help underwrite the production costs.
  • March: “Bid for Quality Education Auction” proceeds support the Home School Association.
  • May: “Race for Fitness" is a 5K run and walk to benefit the Home School Association.

DeSales Catholic School LogoDeSales is a regional Catholic elementary school, located in the Town of Lockport NY, within the Diocese of Buffalo. The school is a designated STREAM school, a center of excellence that inspires individual students to reach their greatest potential, both inside and outside the classroom, while providing students with the fundamental building blocks to be innovative, critical-thinkers, and responsible future leaders.