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Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

DeSales Catholic School is, above all else, devoted to the religious formation and spiritual well-being of our students. For this purpose, we provide instruction in the Catholic faith through required religion courses at every grade level. We promote active involvement in the liturgical, spiritual and sacramental life of all of our parishes, with particular emphasis on certain essential activities, such as daily prayer, liturgical participation, sacramental participation, and spiritual retreats. But, perhaps most importantly, we make evident the ideals of our Catholic faith through the daily life examples of our administrators, faculty, and staff.

Daily Prayer

At DeSales Catholic School, each day begins with shared prayer.  Prayer may be offered at any time during the school day; prayer at DeSales is not limited to religion class. Students recite formal prayers appropriate to their age/grade level and spontaneously make petitions for intentions they hold dear. In saying the Pledge of Allegiance, we boldly proclaim that our nation is one nation, under God…

Liturgical Participation

The school community participates in Mass bi-weekly during the school year, with all Masses being led by DeSales students.  Students serve as readers, offertory gift bearers, altar servers, and choir members. Additionally, students regularly use the Seton Chapel to deepen their faith formation.

Sacramental Preparation and Participation

As a regional school sacramental preparation occurs at a student’s home parish.  The Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist are received by students after thorough instruction. Our Religion Curriculum is taught and supplemented by special resources for the Sacraments.

Spiritual Retreats

In walking together on our journey of faith, the value of participating in spiritual retreats is recognized and emphasized. To that end, students, faculty and staff engage in spiritual retreats designed to focus on individual and communal spiritual growth.