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Canonical Administrator's Welcome

Canonical Administrator’s Welcome

From Fr. James A. Waite, Pastor of St. John the Baptist Parish in Lockport, NY 

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am so pleased to have been appointed as Canonical Adminstrator of DeSales Catholic School!  Having served the Lockport Catholic Community since 2007, I am delighted to continue to minister to the DeSales community and promote our fundamental commitment to our Catholic Identity.

I grew up in Buffalo at All Saints Parish, Riverside, and graduated from St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute in Kenmore and Canisius College before continuing towards priesthood at Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora.  I have taught in the Humanities, General Education and Theological fields at the undergraduate level and have a life-long commitment to learning and intellectual growth.

My interests include Graphic Design, the Arts and Music, Culture and History and world travel.  More importantly, my true calling is to bring the message of the Gospel to others as Christ speaks to all of us in our present day.

In May of 2020, I was named Canonical Adminstrator to a school community I already knew and respected, and I received the news with eagerness.  My prayer as I serve you is to remember the motto of St. Francis de Sales:  “He who preaches with love, preaches effectively.”  Truly our school is held in the loving embrace of God as he blesses us each day with wonderful staff members, teachers and students!

Devotion, courtesy, patience and gentleness characterized our Patron.  May we seek to emulate Francis with a spirit of mildness as we learn together not just about academic subjects, but rather strive for a grace-filled life under the constant care of our loving God.

I believe that everyone ought to endeavor in this life to “be a fine person.”  Our school prides itself on helping us to achieve that goal.  DeSales Catholic School is indeed a special place where young people can grow and excel, and become the faith-filled leaders we need for the future.

Let us journey together, then, with wonder and awe as we learn about the World around us and the God who lovingly made each of us to serve one another – so as to glorify our Creator in all his works!

In Christ,

Fr. James Waite

Canonical Administrator




DeSales Catholic School LogoDeSales is a regional Catholic elementary school, located in the Town of Lockport NY, within the Diocese of Buffalo. The school is a designated STREAM school, a center of excellence that inspires individual students to reach their greatest potential, both inside and outside the classroom, while providing students with the fundamental building blocks to be innovative, critical-thinkers, and responsible future leaders.